Sunday, May 6, 2012

ChIoR ToUr

So I decided as I was looking through pictures from choir tour there was just too much to share!! So here it goes :) Highlights: Eating at Mimi's Cafe and making the waitress hate us:)

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 Late Nights at the Pool :) Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that but we had many adventures!!



Lately :)

So lately I have been having the time of my life!! First off Choir Tour!!!! Definitely everything I imagined it to be! I got to hang with my friends and go to Disney Land and just have the time of my life sharing the joy of music!! Second I went to Morp with my bud Lander!! So fun:) We went with some friends and it was their first date so Lander and I being the experienced daters as we were decided to make things as awkward as possible, it ranged from just saying weird things, burping, sleeping, and Lander making them hold hands :)

Next I was nominated for Junior Class Royalty for Prom, I unfortunately did not make it.. and I didn't get asked, but all is well and I don't really care, mostly because I went on an amazing date with Lander for his day date, his prom date couldn't go to the day date, and we went tandem biking, a first for me and definitely not a last! We rode a bike trail in Provo Canyon and passed Bridal Veil falls and it was gorgeous!! I started climbing the rocks.. which wasn't smart because I kinda have a fear of walking back down... Thankfully Lander was patient and helped me:) So life is AMAZING and I am truly blessed :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

Life, I'm starting to realize, is hard. Pft! The last month has been a struggle for me. I got to learn first hand the reason you shouldn't date in high school, and let me tell ya, I wish I hadn't. Everyone gets their hearts broken at least once, if not multiple times and I knew it would happen with me, I just never realized how hard it would be.
All in all I am still greatly blessed and know my Heavenly Father has His arms around me constantly comforting me and helping me through everything, telling me everything is going to be okay and that things are as they should be.
This experience has led me to wish I was older, it has made me want to start my life! A life I can only prepare for in high school. I want to know what my story holds, I don't want my future to just be a blank sheet of paper, I want to know what is in store, know that I will be happy, know that I will be loved.
I want the words, and they lived Happily Ever After to be now.
But lucky for me I have something in my life that will give me strength and comfort that those words will come. I will get my Happily Ever After because I have the gospel. No matter how blank the sheet of paper of my future is I will always have one thing written. I am a Daughter of my Heavenly Father, who loves me and I love him. And that is what is getting me through. I know that I was put into a family so strong in the gospel because I honestly don't know where I would be without it. It is my future, I will build what I become on it!
I have this picture as my phone wallpaper. Every time I look at it I know, with my whole heart my brother Jesus Christ is with me, holding me, comforting me. The gospel of Jesus Christ has given me that, what more  could I want.
Yes, I've had to go through some hard things this month, yes I've cried at least a dozen times, yes there are harder things to come, and yes, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and can look at the future and say, "Bring It On!"

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've decided I'm pretty blessed. I have some of the most amazing people in my life! First, my parents! They are amazing! Now that I'm starting to date and like boys it's so fun to be able to tell my mom and know that she actually cares about what I'm saying! My dad is probably the sweetest most amazing person on the face of the planet! He inspires me everyday to be the best I can so I can keep the smile on his face and know I made him proud! Him and my mom made me who I am today and i will never forget them and always look to them! Second, my siblings! I have two sisters and one brother, now brothers are hard, they get under your skin and try and control you... expecailly older brothers, but all the same I love him and I know he loves me! My sisters are amazing! They are independent and sure of who they are and who they want to become! I love them so much and hope I can grow up to be just like them! Next, Stephy-Pooh. Steph and I have known each other since kindgergarten, which is a long time! We always talk about how if we weren't friends we would probably hate each other, and it's completely true! Steph understands me and in understand her, she has helped me through tough times with a smile and has always been there for me. She is such a great example to me, she endures so much and hides it so well with her smile and attitude! Next, Sis. Day, .. Where to begin.. she is my second mom slash sister, I love her so much and her family! They are my home away from home! Every time I need advice or just a kind word I know she's there for me! I have learned so much from her and no longer fear everything about the future.. ha ha Next, Sis. Miller! If I could grow up and be anyone it would be her! She is the nicest, funiest and most caring person ever! I am so happy I get to know her and hope our friendship lasts forever! Lastly my savior Jesus Christ. He is everything that I am and everything I live for. He suffered and bled and conquered death. For me, Me a girl who feels like she isn't good enough for anything sometimes but knows that she is because of Him. I have all of these amazing people in my life because of Him and I need to remember to thank Him everyday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The True Meaning of Christmas (to me anyway)

In seminary today we watched "For This End Was I Born" and it really opened my eyes to how amazing Christmas is! I got to thinking while I was watching it about Elder Hollands talk "None Were With Him" because Elder Holland talks about all that Christ suffered so we wouldn't have to be alone. I know, it's an Easter address but when you think about it by celebrating the birth of our Savior we celebrate his life and everything he did for us.
Merry Christmas

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Homecoming Pics!!

Sorry bout the red eye but here's a pic of me and my date Canyen all dressed up for homecoming!!!


So for those who know me they know I love having projects to do. So after finishing some quilts for my young women leaders I needed another project. I decided to go to wal-mart and find some fabric. I found some precut quilt squares and strips and decided to make a quilt! I arranged and sewed the squares and strips the way I wanted them to look and then tied the quilt and bond it.
It's not very big, but someday it'll make a wonderfull baby blanket!!

So during General Conference I like to have something to do to keep my hands busy. I usually crochet or do some kind of craft. Unfortunately I can't find my crochet hook so I went to Hobby Lobby and got a fantastic idea!! I love having stuff to decorate my shelves in my room, so I bought a C and a B and some scrapbook paper and some flowers and I made these.

I just mod podged some paper and painted the sides and hot glued the flowers, it cost around $9 and only because the flowers were really expensive!!!